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Architectural Design

Not sure what services an architect will typically offer?  See our Typical Architect Services table below for help:






Understanding your requirements and getting background information


Agreeing your requirements

Outline Proposals

Sketching out some ideas with approximate costings

Detailed Proposals

Drawing up your preferred scheme, advising of approximate costings and submitting a planning application.

Final Proposals

Adding detail of construction methods to planning drawings, advising of approximate costings and submitting building regulations application.

Production Information

Preparing technical information in order to seek firm tenders for your project.

Tender Documentation

Putting together a tender document package and agreeing with you who to invite to price your project.

Tender Action

Managing the tender process on your behalf, including advising you as to contractor selection.


Assisting you and the contractor in ensuring that arrangements are acceptable for the build and that there is enough information.

Construction to Practical Completion

Supervising the works on your behalf, advising as to payments, providing information when required.

After Practical Completion

Inspecting the completed project and identifying defects or snagging, resolving defects and snagging, settle final account on your behalf.


The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) produces the following guides and publications:

Commissioning Architecture


  1. The value of an architect
  2. The selection process
  3. Appointing an architect
  4. The design brief
  5. Selecting a procurement route
  6. RIBA outline plan of work
  7. Legislation
File size: 576kB

Working with an architect for your home


  1. What an architect can bring to your project
  2. What an architect can do for you
  3. How to find the right architect
  4. Setting the design brief
  5. The client/architect contract
  6. Legislation
  7. Fees and expenses


It's useful to know


  1. The foundation and role of the Royal Institute of British Architects
  2. Standards of conduct
  3. The protection of the title 'architect' in the UK
  4. Using an architect
  5. Understanding what architects do
  6. If there's a problem, talking may help...
  7. If more formal action is necessary...
  8. A complaint, rather than a resolution
  9. Important Notice
  10. How to decide what to do
  11. RIBA sources of information
PDF It's useful to know
File size: 248kB